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Foundation Stage

Foundation Stage is made up of two classes of Reception.

The children are aged 4 to 5.

The Foundation classes are called Dragonflies and Bumblebees.

A team of teaching assistants work in Foundation supporting the children with their learning.

Foundation Stage is accessed in a morning from the back gate near the staff car park where teachers are on the gate to greet the children from 8.45am. The parents can come and wait in the Foundation outside area to collect the children at 3pm.

The classrooms all have access to their own outdoor area which provides a mud kitchen, swing and a range of outdoor activities to support learning. There is access to an outdoor track where they can learn to ride on their balance bikes and a separate small forest area.

We run workshops for parents in the Summer before the children start and in the Autumn term once they do to explain how we teach the children.

The children have opportunities to visit the school and stay with their parents and then without them, in the Summer term before they start.

The teachers will also offer you a home visit in early September if you would like one.

Growing Together