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Geography is taught for at least a lesson a week over a half-term. Our Geography units of work are based on the National Curriculum and cover mapping skills, places and settlements. Through our units of work we develop the children’s knowledge and skills through an inspiring curriculum which is supplemented by visitors and visits. Geography has some key themes that are taught through the units and support the children to develop their geographical understanding. (Please see the Curriculum overview for Geography).

We make links with other subjects where it is appropriate to do so such as in Year Two with the teaching of London as a place (Geography) with the teaching of The Great Fire of London.(History). We then visit London in Year Four to recap on this knowledge.

Knowledge Organisers

Click on the links below to access the knowledge organisers for the relevant year groups.

Year 1 

The UK

Year 2


Year 3


Volcanoes & Earthquakes

Whitby, Yorkshire

Year 4


Year 5

Spain & Catalonia

Year 6

The Americas


Growing Together