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Jeavons Wood Primary School is an Academy of The Cam Academy Trust. The Trust and the local governing board agree to accept the Admission Policy guidelines produced by Cambridgeshire County Council.

Children are admitted to school at the beginning of the school year (September - August) in which they are 5. The online application process opens in September and closes in January. Parents are advised if they have been successful in securing a place in April.

More information is available on the county council's website by clicking here.

PAN for Jeavons Wood Primary School (Pupil Admission Number)

The PAN which has been determined for Jeavons Wood Primary School is 60. This is the number of pupils which can be accepted for each year group unless Cambridgeshire Admissions determine otherwise, usually following an appeal.
Catchment Area.

The catchment for Jeavons Wood Primary School is Upper Cambourne, Great Cambourne and Lower Cambourne. In case of equal merit in each set of criteria priority will go to children living nearest the school as measured by a straight line.

Admissions Contacts or phone 0345 0451370.

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