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Covid 19 Information

Dear Parents/Carers

Please read the documents that are attached to this page about our policies for helping to keep pupils safe during this pandemic.

The school follows government guidelines to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19.  Procedures in place include extra washing of hand, ventilation of classrooms and restricting visitors into the school building.  Staff, pupils and families are asked to work together to make sure Jeavonswood  Primary School remains as safe a place as possible.

We monitor and report cases of Covid in the school to the DfE. We will work with Public Health England and the Local Authority to change procedures at school if there is an outbreak related to our setting or in the local area. Our Covid Contingency Plan explains our protocols for the different scenerios. 

Please read the Weekly Newsletters which provide more information in Mrs Wright Writes!


This is a lot to process and information is coming out all the time.  We very much appreciate your support and patience.




Growing Together